Appendix A: Questions put to participants in the Uplift ‘Identity Rights for Adoptees’ survey

  1. Can you confirm that you are an Adoptee or the child of an Adoptee?
    Options: I am an adoptee/Child of an adoptee/Other
  2. I give permission to share the information I am providing in this survey with the Adoptee identity rights group, Aitheantas.
    Options: Yes/No
  3. If you are an adoptee where were you placed?
    Options: Mother and Baby Home/Adoption Agency/Other
  4. Have you accessed or tried to access information about your adoption through any of the following bodies?
    Options: Tusla/Adoption Authority of Ireland/Other
  5. If you answered ‘other’ can you explain?
    Textbox provided.
  6. How would you describe the experience of seeking information about your adoption?
    Textbox provided.
  7. What terms do you prefer to use?
    Options: Birth mother, father/natural mother, father/ biological mother, father/other
  8. If you said ‘other’ can you explain?
  9. Do you feel that lack of access to identity information has affected you?
    Options: Yes/No
  10. Do you feel lack of access to biological medical information has affected you?
    Options: Yes/No
  11. Can you explain your answer?
    Textbox provided.
  12. Have you ever had difficulty accessing services as a result of being adopted?
    Options: Applying for a passport/ Applying for a public services card/ Accessing employment records/ Other
  13. If you said ‘other’ can you explain further?
    Textbox provided.
  14. Do you feel there is still a social stigma to being adopted?
    Options: Yes/No
  15. Do you feel you are treated or perceived differently if you disclose that you are an adoptee or the child of an Adoptee?
    Options: Yes/No/Not sure
  16. On a scale of 0 to 9 how do you feel about the following proposals the Government is currently considering? (0= extremely unhappy 9= very happy)
    Options: The State shall establish an Independent Archive to retain Adoption records, To make the administrative and other anonymised records available to researchers and members of the public.
  17. What would be the one thing that you want people who are not adopted to understand about being adopted (or being the child of an adoptee) and not having open access to your files or information?
    Textbox provided.
  18. On a scale of 0 – 9 who do you feel Adoptees original birth certificate belongs to?
    Options: The Adoptee/The Birth Mother/The State
  19. Do you have anything to add before we finish?
    Textbox provided.
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